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Opportunity for Guest Posting at Rose Bakery Café

Are you someone who takes interest in writing instructive blogs which are related to login, how to take surveys, and breakfast hours? If you like helping people in getting the right information, then we welcome you to our high traffic website Rose Bakery Café as a guest blogger.

You can submit your creative post on our website under Customer Survey, Breakfast Hours, Kroger Eschedule tabs. It doesn’t matter to us whether you are a blogger, journalist, or even an enthusiast trying to sharpen your skills, we will accept your request for post.

Who are we looking for?

We constantly search for someone with fresh and captivating ideas to contribute to our login and survey blogs section on our website. If you have something similar to share, we will hear you out for our website. So, what do we need from you?

  • A fresh approach about writing instructions
  • Research and provide the latest details for blogs
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If you think you can follow the above points, then you are welcome to join our community blog. All it takes is just an email and provide something about yourself and a few samples of your recent work that includes any published blog about stepwise instructions. Your blogs must be problem solving and help the readers. Once we review and approve your work, you can start your journey.

What kind of instructive blog topics do we want?

Our website caters specific needs of the audience and it provides step-by-step guidance on survey, login procedure or hours of operations. We want you to provide a new approach to write the blogs that helps solve the readers problems and answers their query. Our blogs have a specific style that many readers find helpful and helps them find the solution to their problems.

We do not mind if you are a blogger, journalist, professional writer or any one who is looking to help our readers find the perfect solution online. We will respect your passion for writing and promote your free voice to the world. We will help you reach many ears that hears your ideas.

We would like you to provide us your work on below topics

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  • Food and restaurant industry
  • Clothing Industry
  • Retail sector
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Hours of operations

  • Food and restaurants industry
  • Retail stores

If you are positive that you can write on the above topics, then you are welcome to our community for posting your unique thoughts on your selected subject. We love to hear your original voice.

Just email us at hridayisolanki@gmail.com and pitch us your ideas. If we liked your ideas, we will write you back with further instructions.

Guest Posting Guidelines

We are looking for bloggers who have passion for fashion! We want them to contribute to our fashion section and provide us something unique and new. If you follow all the latest trend and news about fashion or you are a fashionista, then our website is here for you.

For getting approved for the fashion section, we request you to submit your guest post samples on hridayisolanki@gmail.com. Once we review your work. We will start accepting your submission. Our focus is on the people who have had any previous experience in the lifestyle, health, fashion, and beauty niche.

We will feel even more delighted if you could send us your resume and samples so we can review and get back to you soon if we are pleased with your work.

If you have any doubts or questions about any of the above, please visit our contact us page and reach us. We look forward to seeing you as a valuable member of our community!